TMN Survey Group is a professional network of surveying companies with its own agents covering the whole of Europe and most parts of the world.

All member companies are carefully selected and are among the leading surveying companies in terms of quality and size in their country.

Acting on behalf of insurers, brokers, forwarding companies and numerous branches of industry, network members are able to instruct the agent in the country in question, meaning that surveys can be held and monitored all over the world with correspondence and the survey report in the required language. Alternatively, all TMN Survey Group member companies can of course be instructed directly.

We see our main area of expertise in the comprehensive and qualified assessment of damage sustained by all types of commodities during transport by rail, road, air or sea.

TIKO Marine + Cargo Surveyors is the appointed TMN survey agent for Romania.

WECCG represent Insurance Companies on a global basis providing a professional worldwide Marine Claims Settling / Survey service. From the head office in the UK and the Far East regional office in Hong Kong, together with a network of Survey Agents, WECCG are able to provide a 24 hour / 7 days a week service to clients and their Insured and can respond immediately to any problem that may arise anywhere in the world. WECCG provide expertise to Marine Insurers in the following fields:

  • Worldwide Claims Settling & Survey Service
  • Centralised Claims Handling Service
  • Risk Assessment / Loss Prevention
  • The Provision of General Average and Salvage Security

TIKO Marine + Cargo Surveyors is the appointed Ceemis survey agent for Romania.