Tiko – the Company and what we do

Tiko Marine + Cargo Surveyors S.R.L. is a specialised surveying company for all kinds of cargo damage surveys. Our main area of expertise is the comprehensive and qualified assessment of damage sustained by all types of commodities during transport by rail, road, air and sea. Tiko mainly acts on behalf of marine and cargo insurers, freight liability insurers, forwarders and international surveying companies.

With offices in Bucharest, Constanta and Sibiu we cover most parts of Romania. Through the large global network of the TMN Survey Group, we are able to offer surveying services in most parts of the world.

The management and staff of Tiko Marine + Cargo Surveyors S.R.L. remain committed to providing reliable and high-quality service to all clients and to assessing claims objectively and without prejudice. We constantly strive to ensure that all necessary action is taken in the interest of preventing and minimising loss.